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Dr. Kim Yoak, an independent mathematics specialist, is committed to creating engaging, deep learning experiences in mathematics for teachers, administrators, students, and the public.  Her vision is for every student in every classroom to have access to this kind of experience every day  to promote equity and lessen students mathematics anxiety while deepening their learning.

Dr. Yoak provides professional support to mathematics teachers, administrators, and community members.  She works directly with schools and districts to provide this support and particularly values ongoing work with groups of teachers, including time spent in their classrooms with students. 

This website will provide information and resources related to mathematics education — teaching, standards, curriculum, and assessment.  The site is in continual development — please see the additional pages, and stop back again soon!

To contact Dr. Yoak, please write to her at kimyoak.math@gmail.com .

August 2014: Kim Yoak testifies at hearing opposing Ohio HB 597 (which was never approved)  see the video (and others) and an article here.

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